• Data science is a real call

    Having little data: data science is a real call

    Data science is an area that doesn't inspire fear, but doesn't even explain what it is.

    The term "data" is only unprocessed facts and figures, and the term "science" explains the application of scientific methods and tools. Hence the combination of the terms data and science, i.e. data science refers to the application of scientific methodologies, tools and techniques to the large volume of data sets or to large amounts of data and the extraction of useful information. or valuable data sets.

    Data science is called a pipeline that requires the complete flow of several processes described below:

    Obtaining datasets

    The first step is to get the data sets. Not only does this involve collecting data, it also means identifying all of the data sets and then extracting the data set in a useful and valuable format.

    Data set cleaning

    The step of cleaning the data sets consists in eliminating the anomalies, filling in all the missing values ​​and then observing whether the data is consistent or not.

    As good as the data you enter in the initial phase, you will get more useful and valuable information in the final phase as an output.

    Explore clean datasets

    This step is linked to the discovery or search for hidden solutions to complex business problems. The term exploration refers to identifying patterns or trends in the cleaned data, and then using the observed patterns to predict future trends.

    There are several visualization skills and statistical models needed to explore the scene.

    Machine learning, i.e. modeling

    This stage of data science is an interesting part to deal with. Machine learning involves the use of a variety of algorithms. Data cleaning when equipped with statistical modeling helps you improve the decision-making process. The modeling stage (predictive analysis) will make you predict what to do next and how to do it.


    It's just another term for storytelling. All of the steps previously performed in this case would be beneficial and fruitful if and only if you could effectively and adequately communicate your results from the data sets.

    This phase of data science aims to derive or extract real business information, which means adding value to businesses.

    This is the most important phase, as it really tests your visualization and communication skills.

    The way you visualize your results or ideas and communicate them to senior management or decision-makers in the organization would be more effective and efficient for the complex business problems facing organizations.

    Your model should be changed regularly to suit the needs of the business. Since it is not essential that a designed size fits all types of data sets.

    Updating and modifying would help simplify the decision-making process. The hype and the benefits are endless, as are the apps. Each of the functions that we perform online leads to data generation, which is further proof that the demand from data scientists is increasing day by day.

    DATA SCIENCE CERTIFICATE WASHINGTON would help you advance your career and take you to higher levels. The training provided by 360 digiTMG will give you practical experience of the tools and techniques associated with data science.

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